Our insights provide market intelligence that can help you make strategic decisions based on fact – not modelled fiction.

Thought leadership

Access our free industry reports based on transaction data in the UK to stay abreast of market trends and customer spending preference.

A wealth of real data powers our insights


We have access to the transactions of 17 million customers across our Barclays current account and Barclaycard customer transactions in the UK.

Real Data

We can help you identify market trends, growth opportunities and customer behaviour based on actual spending, not qualitative research.


We have the ability to geographically locate our transactions down to postcodes.


Our insights reflect changing customer behaviour as it has happened that month: day by day, hour by hour.

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Market and Customer Insights

Customised business intelligence for large corporates

Local Insights

Facts, figures and insights about your local community, a region, or even all of the UK

  • All figures and insights presented are based solely on transaction data available to Barclays and Barclaycard for the selected industry, region and period. It’s important to note that our data is only a sample of all transaction data for the selected industry, region and period.

  • When someone spends at a business using a Barclays debit card or Barclaycard credit card, we have access to information about:

    • The transaction – date and amount

    • The Barclays and Barclaycard customer – demographic data (anonymised)

    • The business – business type and location (anonymised)

  • If someone spends at a business using a non-Barclays debit or Barclaycard credit card, or by cash, cheque or bank transfer, we have no access to information about the transaction.

  • No information is used to personally identify any individual or business. Barclays is bound by strict data protection regulations and all banking data is anonymised before it’s used.

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